Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Things I've Learned Recently- Part 3

Some of you may remember my posts entitled "Things I've Learned Recently" and "Things I've Learned Recently- Part 2". In that same genre, here's the third in the series of "Things I've Learned Recently".

1. Kneeling for any extended length of time WILL cause your knee to be sore for a day or two afterwards. Especially if you've had a menisectomy. So far, for my senior project (volunteering at Susan G. Komen For The Cure) I've done a variety of things. One of these was taking inventory of supplies. When taking inventory, I was kneeling on a cement floor for about an hour. Three years ago, I had a menisectomy (I tore the meniscus- cartilage- in my right knee; instead of repairing it, the surgeons just removed the torn bit). But now, since I don't have that bit of "padding", my knee gets sore when I kneel on cement.

2. Carrying 1 brochure is nothing. Carrying 100 brochures is still pretty easy. Carrying 2500 brochures is basically impossible. On Monday, I had to count and sort brochures; there were bins that (I'm assuming) held about 2500 brochures. That's a lot.

3. In the same thread, 1 key chain doesn't take up a lot of space; 150 key chains will fill up an entire bag; 500 will fill up 3 boxes.

4. Apparently, Excel has a function that automatically sorts, counts, and adds data. Who knew? Well, when I was spending hours trying to count by hand, I didn't. I've worked with 2 spreadsheets of over 8000 rows, and had to separate them in to categories, then count the number in each category.

5. Being done with all of your high school classes forever is exciting. The idea of going off to college in just a few months is even more exciting.

6. If you are running low on contact solution, do not automatically assume that you will have enough for tonight and tomorrow morning. You might not. I ran out of contact solution when I was in the hotel in the Pittsburgh airport, and then again last night.

7. If you haven't looked at your windowsill lately, there is a good chance that some pretty nasty stuff will have built up. I looked at my windowsill last week, and it was... covered in dirt. There might've been some other stuff, too. I cleaned it.

8. Moshi pillows make the perfect knee rest. I say that because, as I am writing this block, I have my right knee resting on one. Normally, my knees are a bit hyperextended. When they're sore (like my right one is now) I like to rest them on something. Regular pillows are an awkward shape. These moshi pillows (the "cylyndrical" ones) are the perfect shape to rest your knee on. My knee isn't hyperextended; but unlike couch pillows, which are often stiff, it's soft and sort of... moldable? Moshi pillows are also the perfect laptop rest. My laptop is (obviously) hard; the pink, furry, circular moshi pillow is much more comfortable. It's also nice for when my laptop gets really hot.

9. Sleep is good. Lots of sleep is better.

10. Broccoli nuggets might sound gross, but they're actually really yummy.

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