Saturday, September 26, 2009

List Of Good (and Not-So-Good) Ideas

So I haven't blogged in... a really long time. But this blog has been begging to be written since I've been at college (yes! I've been at college for over two months! ah!). This blog is dedicated to things that are good- and not-so-good- ideas.

Good Ideas:
Getting a job. Seriously. If nothing else, you will make money... campus minimum wage is often higher than normal minimum wage (although not always). Plus, if you get a job in your field (if you're a science major, for example, and get a job in a lab), that'll be a super-plus for your resume. Even if you can't find an "interesting" job, it's still good to work. Consider: lifeguarding, tutoring, waitering/waitressing.
2. Studying. If you don't study, you won't get good grades. If you do study, you'll get good grades. If you get good grades, you'll get a job / get in to grad school.
3. Joining a few extracurricular activities. It's a great way to have fun, do something outside of classes, and meet people.
4. Making friends with someone who has a car. Even if there is public transportation where you are, it's nice to know someone with a car... especially if you need to get to the pharmacy to get a prescription and you're on crutches and don't want to take the aforementioned public transportation.
5. Joining the street team for To Write Love On Her Arms!

Not-So-Good Ideas:
Making Easy Mac without water. Come on now, it's college. Haven't you made Easy Mac before? Even if you haven't- don't you know how to read? It says on the box and on the pouch that you have to add water. Why is it so important? Because if you don't, it will smell like burnt popcorn, and it will set off the fire alarm, and everyone in your dorm will be annoyed with you.
2. Running through a fountain at midnight. Always a great idea, especially, when you're wearing socks and sneakers.
3. Staying up till 1:30am when you have to wake up at 6:20am. I know this from experience, unfortunately.
4. Tearing your ACL. I know it *sounds* like fun, but it isn't. Really.
5. Putting off your laundry. You WILL start to run out of clean socks.