Friday, November 21, 2008

Long Day

So today was a really long day...

6:10am- Woke up; got dressed and did my hair
6:30- Ate breakfast (scrambled eggs! yum!); then did my makeup
6:55- Left for school (I had to leave early for the dance concert)
7:30- Got to school; changed in to my costume (they were these gorgeous teal dresses with a little bit of sparkles- so pretty), fixed my hair and makeup, and began warming up
8:10- DANCE CONCERT! The piece I was in was to the song "Way Back In To Love", from the movie "Music and Lyrics"
9:00- After the dance concert, it's time for AP PHYSICS. We did a short lab where we plucked a guitar string and measured the frequency. I like guitar strings.
10:00- Free period, so I decided I should do my French homework (which was due in class, last period, at 1:35).
10:20- Format some pictures for IB Art on my laptop. They were for a project that's due Monday (11/25). I ended up having like a gazillion pictures, which translates in to 10 full pages, with like 9 pictures on each page. I wanted to print them out, and since I can't print on the school's network printers from my laptop, I saved the pictures (in a ginormous word document) on to my USB drive. I figured I'd plug my USB drive into a school laptop, open the file, and print directly from my laptop.
11:00- After plugging my USB drive into a school laptop, it took forever (literally, like 10 minutes) just to open the file (seriously, it was ginormous). Then, I tried to print it. It wouldn't print, so I tried again. It still wouldn't print (damn huge files), so I asked the librarian, and he said to go to the tech office. So I went to the tech office, and told the tech guy what was going on. He said my problem was that the file was just too huge- and not to mention that, the laptop that I had been using had "problems". I decided I'd go on to my own laptop, split the file into several smaller files (with each page in the original file being its own file), and then print them out individually. But
11:45- IB Art! We had a gallery talk today, which I had totally forgotten about. It was really cool, though. It was a group of all women, showing together.
12:40- Lunch. I ate quickly, then plugged my USB drive into my laptop to split up the files.
1:35- AP French. We played a game in which the teacher gave us a French word that none of us knew, and basically (to make a long explanation short) we all had to make up definitions. Some of my definitions: "jaspiner --> spinner en circles (spin in circles... wrong)", "palichon --> (palatial and large... wrong)", "engranger --> devenir plus grand (become more big... kind of right)", "funeste --> comme un funeral (like a funeral... vaguely relates to the real definition)"
2:25- Finally, the school day ends. But before I could go home, I had a lot to do. My first order of business was to print out the pictures for IB Art. I did, but it took longer than I thought. I thought I'd be done in 10 minutes. Um, no. I didn't finish printing for about 45 minutes (laser printers are great, but the ones at school are super slow).
3:15- I'm about to head down to swim practice (which technically starts at 3:15), when I realize, I need my art supplies, which were in the art room. So (carrying my book bag, laptop bag, and dance/swim bag) I walked to the art room, and got my supplies.
3:25- I finally got down to the locker room (it wouldn't usually take so long, but it's kinda hard to walk fast when you're carrying three large bags and a wooden box (part of my art supplies).
3:30- I'm ready for swim practice. Everyone's on deck; practice hasn't started yet.
3:32- Coach hands out the set list for practice today. It doesn't look too bad, until I see... T30. A T30 is when you basically swim laps for 30 minutes... without stopping. T30s aren't much fun.
3:35- Practice actually starts (I should probably mention that practice NEVER starts on time).
4:10- Time for the T30! T30s are interesting. I always go through a few thought stages as time passes in a T30- (1) This isn't too bad. (2) After a few minutes, I realize this is kind of hard. (3) Then I'm all, this is really hard. (4) Next I kind of just get in to a rhythm. The strokes, kicking, and breathing, become rhythmic. (5) I start to think, "when will this end?" (6) The coach sticks a kickboard in the end of the lane, signalling that there are 10 minutes left, and I realize that we are 2/3 done. (7) The rest doesn't seem too bad. (8) It ends. What was really fun about today's T30 was that my goggles were leaking (so water kept getting in to my eyes), and I had to keep fixing them every 50-100 yards. That slowed me down a bit, but even so, I managed to swim 1500 yards (which was my goal, yay me) in 30 minutes. Yay.
4:45- The best part about swim practice is the shower at the end.
5:15- On the way to sell chocolates for a fundraiser, my friend tells me my eyes make me look like a stoner, since they're so red (from the chlorine). The fundraiser is long. Really, really long.
6:00- I'm hungry. There's no substantial food available (I thought someone would be selling pizza or something, but no one was). I'm annoyed.
7:00- I'm really hungry. Oh look, free cookies! Yum.
8:00- I'm bored. I'm really, really bored, and also extremely exhausted.
9:15- Time to go home. My car is freezing (the steering wheel feels like ice!), so I crank up the heat.
10:00- Finally, I got home. Today was a long day. I'm exhausted.

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