Saturday, November 01, 2008

Why Caltech's Bookstore Is Awesome

So I visited Caltech last Friday, for the second time. I didn't have an official tour or info session, I just walked around a little, and I went to the bookstore.

And let me tell you, Caltech's bookstore is awesome. Why?

(1) Back in 2006 (?), during MIT's Campus Preview Weekend (CPW), cleverly disguised Caltech students brought some free shirts to MIT pre-frosh. These shirts said "MIT" on the front, and on the back... "because not everyone can go to Caltech". What does this have to do with Caltech's bookstore? Well, these shirts were on sale for $14.95 in the Caltech bookstore.

(2) There was a sign by the shirts that said: "$5 from each sale goes to the 'Retaliation against MIT fund.'"

(3) Sweatshirts that said "JPL" (Jet Propulsion Labratory) and "NASA".

(4) Rubber bats.

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