Sunday, November 09, 2008

T-Shirts (pics coming soon)

So in addition to math, physics, dance, and music, I also like art/arts & crafts. I take IB Visual Arts, and recently spent 3 straight days (~2+ hours/day) matting various drawings and photographs.

I also like to make t-shirts.

I made one last weekend for the Mest concert I went to (11/2), and it's pretty awesome. I bought two t-shirts, navy blue and hot pink. I cut the letters "M E S T" out of the pink shirt and sewed them on to the blue shirt with acid green (not lime green, not neon green, ACID GREEN) thread.

I decided I wanted to do something similar, but this time for Angels & Airwaves. I printed out the Angels & Airwaves logo:
I traced the "AVA" part on to a black t-shirt, and cut it out. Then I sewed it on to a purple t-shirt with light gray (I wish I could call it silver, but it's definitely not, it's definitely just light gray) thread. Then I wrote "Angels & Airwaves" underneath in black, just like the logo here.

I wanted to take some pictures (personally, I think the t shirts look pretty sweet!), but my camera hasn't been working. By that, I mean I have fully charged the battery, inserted it into the camera correctly (and then tried inserting it differently), not been able to turn the camera on (I press the on button, and it just won't turn on), and repeated this whole process about 4 times. It's a Casio Exilim, by the way (and it's a pretty cool camera, I definitely recommend it).

Anyways, I shall have pictures up as soon as I figure out a way to fix my camera.

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