Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"Camp Rock" vs. Power Chord Academy

So I've decided that it was about time I wrote a blog comparing Disney Channel's Original Movie Camp Rock with my own experiences at Power Chord Academy (referred to from now on as PCA), a rock music camp that I have attended for the past 2 summers.

Similarities between Camp Rock and PCA:

1. People are there because they want to spend the summer doing something awesome with music.

2. Open mic night takes place in the cafeteria. Well, at PCA, open mic night takes place... wherever, but last year, it did take place in the cafeteria.

3. People wear long pants in the summer.

4. "Celebrity [sort of] guests". At Camp Rock, "Shane Gray" was a counselor, and his band "Connect 3" played at the "Jam". At PCA, at the end of each session, a "real" touring band comes and plays a concert (Yellowcard, The All-American Rejects, Sparky's Flaw).

5. The food is "better this year". At Camp Rock, Connie's Catering is better than whatever they had last year. At PCA, this year's food was slightly better than the food last year.

Differences between Camp Rock and PCA:

1. At Camp Rock, every musical performance includes elaborate costumes.
At PCA, no one wears costumes. Maybe an awesome outfit for the concert, or sunglasses on stage, but no... costumes.

2. At Camp Rock, people wear high-heeled shoes.
At PCA, people wear sneakers. Because at a real music camp, you'd be an IDIOT to wear high-heeled shoes. It's hard to walk in high heels; you'll likely trip at some point. Also, it would kind of hurt if you got an amp dropped on your foot, and you were wearing open-toed shoes, don't you think?

3. At Camp Rock, they have dance class, and their music routines include choreographed dances.
At PCA, they don't have dance class (not many rockers are dancers- although occasionally some, including yours truly and one of her friends, are), and there are no choreographed routines.

4. At Camp Rock, guitars are loud without being plugged in to an amplifier.
At PCA, you actually have to plug in your guitar for it to make any noise.

5. At Camp Rock, we know there is at least 1 drummer (Andy, the kid who couldn't dance), but that's it, and he never plays the drums.
At PCA, there are usually multiple drummers, and they actually play the drums.

6. At Camp Rock, "it's all about the bling"; people are very image-concered, and they judge each other on shallow things.
At PCA, you're more likely to be judged on your musical taste and talent on your instrument, than on how much money you have.

7. At Camp Rock, they sleep in cabins in the woods.
At PCA, we sleep in dorm rooms at a college.

8. Camp Rock is right next to a lake, which has canoes.
PCA (in NY) is right next to a bunch of pizza places and chinese restaurants, which have awesome pizza and dumplings, respectively.

9. At Camp Rock, there seems to be no organization of musical activities/no organized lessons.
At PCA, there are organized band practices ("jam sessions") several times a day, with an adult (producer) helping.

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