Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So I've been doing a lot of driving recently, including driving on the Garden State Parkway and on Route 22. And honestly, the Parkway is WAY easier than Route 22.

On the Parkway, it's pretty much just driving straight, and then you get off at your exit. People drive fast (speed limit? this is new jersey; you try going exactly at the speed limit, even in the slowest lane), but sensibly (well, mostly). When I'm on the Parkway, I drive along for a few (hundred, thousand?) miles, and then I see the sign that says "Exit X- 1 mile/1/4 mile/Next Right"- I change lanes if needed, and then I drive a little more, see the exit sign, and take the exit. It's painless.

On 22, it's driving straight, mostly, but people are turning in to parking lots at every waking moment. It's crazy. Most of the people driving on 22 drive insanely. There are always more cars on 22 than on the Parkway, or at least it seems that way. 22 isn't like the Parkway, in the sense that there are no signs saying "Target- 1 mile" or "DSW- Next Right". So people are changing lanes basically all the time. It's a nightmare. People also drive really really close together. I hate it. If I could, I would completely avoid 22 in favor of the Parkway, except I can't.

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