Saturday, December 13, 2008

News as of 12/12

1. My camera still isn't working, and I'm very annoyed. For IB Visual Arts (note: I originally typed "IB Visual Warts"), we have to keep a "workbook", which is a sort of journal in which we keep records of our art. We're supposed to take pictures of our work in progress. It's really annoying when I can't use my own camera to take these pictures (I use the Arts Department Camera). It's also annoying when I can't take pictures of stuff I'm doing at home (well, there are 2 other cameras in my house, but one of them sucks). I went to a concert back in November (Mest, 11/2), and I brought one of the cameras (the one that doesn't suck) but the battery ran out. I was really upset, too, because not only was it an AWESOME concert, I was REALLY close (like right-up-against-the-barrier CLOSE), and the lighting was REALLY awesome (like two-different-colors-making-really-cool-shadows-on-the-musicians AWESOME). I still had fun, though.

2. I got deferred from Caltech. I would've liked to be accepted (duh, that's why I applied in the first place), but being deferred is better than what I initially expected (my application to be shredded up and sent back to me in an envelope with big red letters saying "DENY!" on the front)- and less than 50% of all applicants got deferred or accepted (>50% got denied, though maybe not quite as spectacularly as I thought).

3. I'm sick. I think I have a cold. I'm incredibly stuffed up. I can hardly breathe, and I can barely smell. I slept for 11 hours last night (I love sleeping for 11 hours straight), and I didn't go to swim practice this morning.

4. There are less than 75 days of school left until Senior Check-out (what? it's not like I've been counting down since the first week of this month). I am SO ready be out of school.

5. I like crafts. I'm currently knitting a blanket with fuzzy black, pink, and blue yarn. I'm knitting small squares, and then sewing them in to strips, and then I'm gonna sew the strips in to a blanket. I've only got like 1/10 of the squares I need; maybe I'll do some work on it over winter break. I'm also working on a friendship bracelet now. Yay.

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