Friday, March 13, 2009

Decisions, part 2

So I realized that I never actually posted a picture of my rejection letter from Caltech. Since I can't get a photograph of the actual letter, here's the email I received ~5 hours after I got the letter:
However, late Wednesday night, I logged on to check my application status for Washington University, and this is what I saw:
I was TOTALLY excited to see that, because guess what? My college counselor initially identified Washington University as a "reach" for me- my grades were below the average for accepted students from my school, and Wash U also doesn't take a whole lot of people from my school (last year, 10 people- out of a class of 100- applied, and only 1 got in). So basically, I was TOTALLY PSYCHED to see this!

I'll be getting "big envelopes" in the mail soon from Wash U and Case Western- and hopefully, from some other colleges and universities, too.

I'm doing pretty well, admissions-wise. I've already been accepted at 5 awesome places. Hopefully, I'll get some more acceptances, but even if I don't, it's all good. I have to make a decision by May 1. Right now, off the places I've been accepted at, I'm not really sure which one I would go to. But I guess having several good choices is a good problem to have, right?

***EDIT- About 3 seconds after I posted this blog, the UPS guy arrived, with... a large envelope addressed to yours truly, from Washington University! Yay!***

*****EDIT2- A few hours after posting this blog, the mail came, with... a large envelope addressed to yours truly, from Case Western! I opened the envelope, and inside was a folder with a letter paper-clipped to the front. That letter congratulated me on my acceptance to the university, and offered me a significant merit scholarship. So basically, I'm ecstatic.*****

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