Saturday, March 28, 2009

Decisions, part 5; school colors and mascots

Yesterday, I logged on to my Lehigh application tracking portal, and saw this...
I haven't gotten my letter in the mail yet, but supposedly it was mailed Thusrday, so it should come soon (I'm not far from Lehigh).

So far I've gotten accepted to 8 colleges (Rose-Hulman, Rutgers, Case Western, Wash. U, USC, RPI, Carnegie Mellon, and Lehigh) and rejected to 2 (that Institute of Technology in Cambridge; and that Institute of Technology in Pasadena). I think I'm doing pretty well. The only college I haven't heard from yet is Pomona.

Also, I'd like to talk about school colors and mascots.

My high school's mascot is kind of lame (something having to do with the fact that the school was founded before the US-ofA was technically a nation... or something). Our colors are red and black, which isn't too bad.

As for the colleges I've been accepted to-

*Rose-Hulman- Rosie the Elephant; old rose and white.

*Rutgers- knights/raptors/raiders (seriously?); scarlet.

*Case Western- spartans (that is cool); case blue, white, and case gray.

*Wash. U- bears; red and green.

*USC- trojans; USC cardinal and USC gold.

*RPI- the red hawk and puckman; cherry and white.

*Carnegie Mellon- Scotty the scottie dog; cardinal, gray, and tartan plaid.

*Lehigh- mountain hawks; brown and white.

I've gotta say, it's impressive the amount of ways there are to say "red". I also think that Carnegie Mellon has the best school colors (I'm pretty sure it's the only school that has plaid as its school color).


Me said...

It's interesting reading about how you guys apply for University over in America. Im in my last year of high school too. Over here we have to take exams at the end of the year, from the exams, you get a score and from that score, you get a Uni place. Different universities have different score requirements, but usually things like a doctor require a higher score than say, teaching. Also our universities don't have colours or mascots! Your American way sounds much better!

Molly said...

"Me"- Yes, I've heard that's how it is in some other countries. It seems like those exams must be very stressful! I imagine there are some wonderful students that don't do as well as they would be expected to because of the pressure.

I'm not sure the American way is "better", just different. You have to have SO many things to get in to a good university- grades, test scores, extra-curricular activities, and good essays.