Monday, March 09, 2009

molly out loud

So in 7th (or 8th?) grade, I was doodling during French class on the back of my notebook. I decided to write all of the letters of my name "on top of each other", and came up with what would eventually look like this:

In the summer between 7th and 8th grade, as I was preparing for my Bat Mitzvah, it was decided that my favor would be perfume for the girls, and cologne for the boys. I wanted a cool "name" for the perfume, so I decided on "m.o.l."- short for "molly out loud" (the boys one was m.o.l. for men). The perfume labels had a pink, Andy-Warhol-style flower on them, and the cologne labels had a sailboat, or something.

Eventually, molly out loud, along with the logo used above, became "my" design for clothes and stuff. In 8th grade, I began designing t-shirts for concerts, using both Zazzle and my own great artistic talent (fabric paint and sharpies, mostly).

Around the end of 10th grade, I stumbled upon the Neighborhoodies website. I LOVED the designs, and really wanted one... but a hoodie like I wanted would cost over $70. So I figured... I might as well make my own hoodie. This hoodie was the first piece of "molly out loud" clothing. I embroidered my logo on the front, sewed a zebra print star on the back, and lined the hood with zebra print fabric (same fabric used to do the star). Here's a few pictures of me rocking that hoodie.

As you can see, it is quite an awesome hoodie. It took a long time, though:
-First I had to fix some of the holes in the hoodie. Okay, I did kind of a messy job of that.
-Then I printed out my logo, and pinned it on to the place I wanted it to be, making sure I had stretched the fabric taught in an embroidery hoop.
-I traced the pattern of the logo on to the hoodie. That actually took awhile.
-I embroidered the logo. That took FOREVER!
-I printed and cut out a star.
-I pinned the star to the back of the hoodie, and traced it on to the zebra fabric, then cut the star out of the fabric.
-I sewed on the star. But I didn't just do it once. No, I made sure to double the seam- so it would be strong (and it's held up perfectly for almost 2 years).
-I traced the inside of the hood onto the zebra fabric, and cut out 2 identical (but "opposite") hood-shaped pieces of fabric.
-I hemmed the fabric.
-I sewed the fabric to the inside of the hood, again doubling the seam.
It was quite a labor, but it was a labor of love. I don't recommend sewing while in the car (it's just... not a good idea), but I do recommend sewing while sitting on your butt, watching television.

"molly out loud" has expanded, so to say. I've made a few more clothing items since then:
-magenta t-shirt with black spray-painted logo, and white t-shirt with blue/green/yellow spray-painted logo
-white t-shirt with black spray-painted logo and "molly out loud"
-And now, I'm working on a purse, which is extremely awesome. It's made out of 2 old t-shirts (and a bunch of thread...). The outside is light heather gray, the lining is periwinkle blue. The front of the purse has a bunch of awesome quotes/sayings on it, written small, in different colored sharpies. I also sewed on my logo in periwinkle. The back has one quote, written larger, and "molly out loud". Inside, there's a cellphone-sized pocket. I also sewed in a purse snap. The straps are periwinkle, and once I sew them on, I'll be done. I've spent a lot of hours on it so far, but I like doing it.

In other news: I got rejected from Caltech. Oh, well.

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