Saturday, March 14, 2009

Decisions, part 3

So I applied to MIT, knowing it was a stretch, knowing I probably wouldn't get in (but wanting to get in, even so). I logged on to the decisions website today, and was greeted with this screen:

As much as I wanted to get in, I knew I probably wouldn't. I like how they say they're "unable to offer me admission". That's a nice line. It's a pretty stark rejection letter (that's not the whole letter, but I think you get the point)- I mean, gray? Though, I guess it would be kind of mean if there were, like, fireworks in the background or something- "Congratulations on your rejection!"

But later, I logged on to check my decision for RPI (Rensselaer). Not only did I see the following screen, I also heard music in the background!

So, that was a pretty nice thing to see. So far I've gotten accepted to 6 colleges, and rejected from 2. I predicted I'd get accepted at 5, rejected at 5, and waitlisted at 1 (I applied to 11 total). I've already beaten my own prediction!

***EDIT 3/15/09- I just found out that I got a nice merit scholarship from RPI. Hey, it may not be my first choice, but that's still cool!***

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