Monday, March 16, 2009

Epicness on Teh Internetz

So, instead of blogging about just one thing, I figured I would create a blog dedicated to epicness on teh internetz- basically, epic websites.

1. Picture Is Unrelated- A collection of pictures that just make you go... WTF? Wtf is going on in this picture? How did this situation occur? Why are these people/objects/animals in this situation? More importantly, why is someone there to photograph it?
2. This Is Why You're Fat- A collection of "deliciously gross food". Most of it looks gross (bacon chili-topper cheeseburger? no thanks)- a lot of it has meat of some sort involved (bacon, pork, chicken, beef, steak...), and I'm a vegetarian. Some of it is humorous (the "porkgasm" is a pig-shaped collection of all variants of pig meat), and some of it is beyond unhealthy (deep-fried White Castle burgers), and some of it simply large portions of normally unhealthy food ("Behemoth Glazed Donut" appears to be a regular glazed donut, except, you know, bigger). My personal "favorite" is "Meat (In) Loaf":
3. Oddee- Oddee is basically a collection of epic lists of awesomeness, whether it be lists of "Most Bizarre Musical Instruments", "Mad Scientists", or (one of my favorites) "Awesome 3D Pavement Illusions", such as the one below.
4. Myspace- zomg, teh myspace iz sew totally epic! lulz. In all seriousness, Myspace is pretty awesome. It was around before Facebook, and it has more members than Facebook. Also, I've found Myspace to be an awesome way to find out about really great bands... and then you can be all "Hey! I know this band!" when you hear one of their songs on MTV. I'm listening to The Mile After as I write this blog, and they are rock/powerpop/pop/amazing.

5. The Click (from The N)- Thanks to The Click, from The N, I can watch Degrassi... WHENEVER I WANT... for free. For those of you who don't know, Degrassi is the best show on television. It's a Canadian Teen Soap Opera/Drama, basically, and if you don't speak Canadian, that means it's amazing. It's overly dramatic, it's stupid, and oh my god, I've seen all 158 episodes, some (er... most) of them at least twice.

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