Monday, March 30, 2009

Goals I Have Set and Achieved

In my life, I have set a lot of goals. I have also achieved some of them:

1. Write a novel- done x4. I began writing in eighth grade, and my goal from the beginning was always to write a novel from beginning to end. I've written a few so far, and some of them have turned out pretty good. I'm working on editing one right now.

2. Do a back handspring- done x a lot. I started gymnastics when I was in elementary school, but I think it was in when I was in fifth grade that I set the goal of wanting to learn a back handspring. It took a lot of work, but eventually, when I was in eighth grade, one day... I just did it. And it was awesome.

3. Get in to college- done x8. I didn't really care about college at all until junior year. I didn't even THINK about college until "College Night" last January. I spent the spring and summer searching and deciding where to apply, and I spent the fall applying to colleges. In all, I applied to 11, and got in to 8. Not bad.

4. Write a paper for school about Harry Potter- done! Although I have written papers and reports about many awesome things (such as C.S. Lewis and Roald Dahl books; and Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, and Angels & Airwaves), I have never had the chance to write a paper for school about Harry Potter... until now. And I must say, it feels awesome.

5. Record a song- done x several. I love writing songs, and I love recording songs, so recording songs I've written is pretty awesome. I've done it a few times.

6. Get an A in AP Physics- done x1. I had a B+ in AP Physics in Fall term, and I got an A in Winter term! That felt pretty good. I definitely worked hard for that.

Goals I Have Set, but Have Not Yet Achieved:

1. Read the entire Harry Potter series continuously (with some breaks for sleep and eating). Some would say this sounds like a complete waste of time. I say it sounds like completely awesome.

2. Get something I've written published (somewhere... somehow...).

3. Get straight As/A-s one term/semester. In Spring term of sophomore year, I had 5 As (or maybe 4 As and 1 A-, or 3 As and 2 A-s) and 1 B. Last term, I had 3 As, 1 A-, and 2 B+s. I have not gotten straight As/A-s for a single term/semester since middle school. It would be cool to do it again... sometime...

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