Friday, January 16, 2009

Conference Championship Swim Meet

So yesterday was the Conference Championship swim meet! The meet was at my school, and there were so many teams there.

The meet was fun, but it was super long. And while some parts of it are kind of exciting, there's a lot of waiting (just like county championships- except instead of getting to school at 6:45am, I got to stay at school till 9pm).

Yesterday was basically like this:
6:30am- I wake up, got dressed, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, and got ready for school.
7:10- I leave for school. I left early, because on Thursday, I had accidentally left my swim bag at school, and I wanted to make sure it was still there.
7:45- I get to school. I have a lot to carry: my backpack, my purse, my laptop (in its somewhat bulky case), a small gym bag (I had additional stuff I needed to bring to the swim meet), and oh yeah- some homemade cupcakes. It's about 10 degrees (fahrenheit) out. My whole body is freezing, my hands in particular. My bag isn't outside (which is where I had thought I'd left it). So I go straight to the "downstairs" door, which is closest to the locker room. That door is locked, so I go to the "upstairs" door, which, thankfully, is open. Inside, I put down my stuff (it's a lot to carry!), and I notice that the cupcakes appear to have, like, momentarily almost frozen. Uh, what? Yeah. Then I went down to the P.E. teacher's office, and asked if she had seen my bag. My bag, by the way, is a black and pink Adidas duffle. I got it in 9th grade, specifically for swimming. I think it was about $30. Honestly, it's been such a great investment. Not only have I used it for swimming for four years, I've also used it for dance performances (when I have lots of stuff I need to bring) and for overnight or weekend trips. Anyways, the P.E. teacher hadn't seen my duffle, but she said she'd keep an eye out. I then went in the locker room, where- surprise- I had left my bag. I was glad I had finally found it.
8:10- Morning meeting starts.
8:30- Time for first period! I had English, and we were writing an in-class essay on Last Night at the Lobster, by Stewart O'Nan. I think I did pretty well on the essay.
9:30- French. We were supposed to work for half the period (9:30-10:00), and then have a going-away party for one of the kids in the class (which is why I brought the cupcakes) for the second half (10:00-10:25). The "work" we're doing is basically role-playing scenarios, using vocabulary (our vocabulary is about technology- computers, tv, phones- pretty much). My group had to role-play a scenario about someone pirating the program.
9:45- The teacher realizes that nothing is going to really get done, so she declares that the "party" can start a little early. Everyone likes my cupcakes, which makes me happy.
10:30- Calculus! I love calculus. We reviewed for a test.
11:30- IB Art. I worked on a painting today. I think it's gonna be really cool.
12:30pm- Time for lunch. I had a pizza bagel, which was okay.
1:00- Biotechnology lab. We build terrariums. I planted corn seeds in mine.
2:00- Biotechnology gets out early, so I go back to the painting room to work on my painting.
2:30- The final bell has rung. I'm done working on my painting (although the painting itself is not quite done), so I read Twilight 4 (known to some as Breaking Dawn).
3:15- I go to the senior corridor, and hang out with some of the other swimmers. We sit, talk, and do nothing.
3:25- Time to go down to the meet!
3:30- I get to the Great Hall, which is where everyone hangs out during the meet. I put my stuff down, and go get changed.
4:00- Warmups start. I go down to the pool deck, but then I realize that since I probably won't swim until after 8:00, I should just warmup during the break. Warmups are always extremely crowded at Conference Championships- each team gets only one lane. Normally, at practice, there are 5-6 people in a lane- at Conference Championships, there are like 20something people in a lane.
5:00- Finally, the meet starts. The first event is the girls medley relay. I settle in with my book, Twilight 4.
5:45- I realize that this meet is going to go on... forever.
6:30- The last event before the break is the boys 50 free. I go down to the pool, and when the event is finally over, I get in to warmup. I swam a little freestyle, then a lot of backstroke (as my event was the 100 back). Unfortunately, really fast people keep bumping in to me and passing me, so eventually, even though I haven't had the longest or best warmup ever, I get out of the pool.
6:50- I continue reading Twilight 4.
7:30- I finish Twilight 4. Want some spoilers? Well, you didn't ask, but: Bella marries Edward, gets pregnant with his child while they're on their honeymoon, and, when the mutant half-vampire/half-human almost kills Bella as she's giving birth to it, she becomes a vampire. Jacob imprints on the child, who Bella has lovingly named Renesmee. The Volturri are out to get Bella and the Cullens. It turns out that Jacob and the Quileutes (did I spell that right?) aren't really "werewolves" at all, they're actually "shape-shifters" and the fact that they take the form of wolves is merely coincidental, although real "werewolves" do exist, just not in Forks or La Push. Bella tries to learn to fight and use her magical power (she can project a protective "shield" around herself and others). The good guys win. Bella pushes the shield outside of herself, and finally Edward can hear her thoughts. They all live happily ever after. The end.
8:00- My race is coming up soon, so I go down to the pool to watch the races (the end of the boys 500 free, and the girls and boys 200 free relay), as I stretch out and mentally prepare myself.
8:15- It's time for my race. Originally, I was supposed to be in heat 1, lane 4, but my coach told me that heats 1 and 2 got combined, so I'd be in heat 2 (which was still the first heat) in lane 1. So I go to lane 1, only just as the race is about to start, another girl comes up to the lane- there's some confusion over who's in what lane. I'm in the right lane, so I get in the pool, and take my mark.
8:20- The race is over. My coach says to me that I've been very consistent in my times (which I have been). Then I get in the shower, and get changed.
9:00- After some more waiting around for the end of the meet, it's FINALLY time to go home!

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