Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Things I've Learned Recently- Part 2

Back in December, I made a post of Things I've Learned Recently. I've learned a lot of things since then, so I figured I'd make a post of Things I've Learned Recently- Part 2.

1. In Calculus- don't forget the +C when you integrate. If you do, you won't get credit for the super-hard extra-credit problem that you did otherwise correctly.

2. Hot water (not boiling) with honey will make your sore throat feel better, at least temporarily. I woke up this morning, and my throat was a little sore. It felt like it felt when I lost my voice, although I can talk perfectly normally. My throat feels better now, thanks for asking.

3. Eggs (scrambled? omelet? sunny-side up? over-easy?) are a nutritious and delicious breakfast. Chocolate chip muffins are delicious, but not nutritious.

4. Painting with your fingers is way more fun than painting with a paint brush.

5. Translating "The seal is happy" from English to French will likely cause some lulz.

6. Swimming butterfly is hard. Swimming butterfly without messing up is harder. Swimming butterfly fast is even harder. Swimming butterfly fast without messing up is really, really hard.

7. Musicians appreciate it when you add them as friends and leave comments on their myspace pages.

8. Iridescent medium does not always make your painting look iridescent. Yeah, I know, it's a bummer. Mixing the iridescent medium with your paint won't make the paint look iridescent once it's on the canvas. If you REALLY want the paint on the canvas to look iridescent, you have to put iridescent medium OVER the painting.

9. Zebra print pants are AWESOME.

10. Birds are reptiles?


sirbarrett said...

La phoque est heureuse.

Molly said...

I was going for "Le phoque est gai".