Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A list of Billys/Billies

Okay, so there are a lot of awesome people with the name Billy/Billie, so I'd like to talk about some of them.

Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie Joe Armstrong is the lead singer/guitarist of the band Green Day. He's awesome because Green Day is awesome. Also, I believe he's a vegetarian, which is also awesome.

Billy Martin

Billy Martin plays guitar and keyboards in Good Charlotte, which makes him awesome, because Good Charlotte is awesome. I actually did a drawing of this photograph (graphite/soft pastel):

Billy Ra
y Cyrus

I actually don't think that Billy Ray Cyrus is at all awesome, but his name is Billy, so...

Billy Elliot

Okay, so over winter break, I saw Billy Elliot on Broadway, and let me just say: it was awesome. Before I went, I didn't know much about it. But I loved it. It was SO funny when the little boys were doing "push-ups" at the beginning. I highly recommend this show. If you haven't seen it, go see it soon!

Billy Shakespeare
Love him or hate him, Billy Shakespeare is probably the best/most well-known writer in the English language, ever. Shakespeare is hard to read, but you can't not love the romance in "Romeo and Juliet", and "Hamlet" was basically a Shakespearean emo kid.

Billy Madison
I love this movie. It's kinda dumb (but then again most movies are), but it's really funny. Watch it.

Did I miss any Billys/Billies that you think should be on here? Let me know in a comment :)

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