Monday, January 19, 2009

Swim Practice Today

Okay, so, today, January 19, 2009, I had swim practice scheduled for 9am.

Of course, I wasn't too excited about that when I realized it yesterday (I mean, who would be?). I complained all yesterday, about how awesome it would be to sleep in and feel fully rested, and how awesome it would be to not go swimming early in the morning.

But I went. I woke up at 7:45am today, and my dad drove me to practice (I was worried the roads would be bad).

Once I got to school, I changed in to my swim suit (which was last year's racing suit). I would have a picture, but I can't find it on the Speedo website, sorry.

Of course, practice didn't actually start until about 9:15. As I started swimming, I realized that the water was really clear... but of course it was only clear for like the first lap. Then, either the water got cloudy, or my goggles did, or both, cuz it looked all foggy.

I'm officially in lane 5 (6 lanes total). Today, I was the only one in lane 5, and there was no one in lane 6. So about halfway through practice (when we would normally have a break, although we didn't have a break today, which sucked), the coach decides that I should go in lane 6 for the rest of practice, and that the girls from lane 4 (which, today, was the most crowded lane) should go in lane 5 (the boys from lane 4 stayed in lane 4). I didn't really mind; I still had a lane all to myself.

Today was annoying, especially because we didn't get a break in the middle. If I can remember correctly (not necessarily in this order):
6*50s freestyle
300 kick
3*100 pull
100 build to sprint, stroke
4*75 IM
6*50 free, tight interval
8*25 free, hypoxic ("no more than 2 breaths")

Not the worst practice, I guess, but it wasn't fun.

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