Friday, January 09, 2009

Muffins and butterfly

Okay, so basically, my school cafeteria has THE most delicious chocolate chip muffins... ever. See the muffins in the picture? The muffins at my school look like those muffins, only way more delicious. If you get there before school starts, they're still warm, and what better start to a cold, boring, school day than a nice, warm muffin? Warm muffins make me happy. The tops of the muffins get crispy, and the bottoms are soft and cake-like. The chocolate chips get all melty, which is awesome, and they're so chocolatey you have to eat them pretty much with a spoon or fork- otherwise, you'd get chocolate chips all over your hands. I had a muffin today, by the way; that's why I'm blogging about them.

In other news, I had a swim meet today. The meet was away, so 20 minutes after school ended (last period, I had a French quiz, most of which was easy, but one question just didn't make sense) we left. Once we got there, I changed in to my swim suit, and checked the line-up (line-up = what each person is swimming). I was swimming the 100 yard backstroke (which I almost always swim- I'm always tired after it, but I love it), and... butterfly in the 200 yard medley relay (200 yard medley relay = 4 people, each swimming 50 yards of backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle in that order). See, this year (grade 12) and two years ago (grade 1o), I usually swim the backstroke in the medley relay, but this time, someone else was swimming the backstroke, and I was lucky enough to do the butterfly! Ugh. Last year (grade 11), I did it at a lot of meets, but this is the first time I've done it this year.

Butterfly is really hard. You have to keep your legs together, and your arms have to move together, too. You have to have a really good rhythm to be good at butterfly. Apparently, at least according to my coach, I can swim butterfly pretty well (or at least well enough to not get DQed [disqualified]), but that doesn't mean I'm actually fast, it just means that I can get through two laps of it without dying or getting DQed. In my warmup, I made sure to do some butterfly, of course. On my fourth (not consecutive) lap, I choked on some water and almost died (well, I didn't really almost die, but I did choke on some water and I did have to stop swimming momentarily).

The 200 yard medley relay is the first event, so as soon as warmup time was over, I lined up for my relay. The backstroker went, then the breaststroker, and finally it was my turn for the butterfly. It was hard, but I did make it through. My relay ended up coming in last, but that's okay, because the team we swam against is really good, and they beat us in everything.

Later on, it was time for the 100 back. Of course, on my first flipturn, I turned over on to my stomach, and took an extra stroke before flipping, which means I probably should have gotten DQed. Oh well.

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